Mellow out and COLOR IN!

Because what’s more FULL OF COLOR than the late 60s? The concert posters, the clothes, the hippy buses, were all an explosion of COLOR and style unique to the time.

Now you can flashback to 60s and experience the Age of Aquarius a whole new, COLORFUL way. Here you'll find all the spirit of art, music, styles, and "good trips" that were the late 60s depicted in 30 far-out artworks ready for YOU to bring to life with your own colorful spirit!


  • 30 frameable psychedelic 60s themed artworks
  • Each work on its own separate page
  • A variety of complexity
  • For all levels of colorist, from beginner to expert.
  • Includes a color test practice pages

Free downloads on the website.

So, break out you’re your favorite "mellow yellow" (colored pencil or pen, that is), because now it's time to:

Turn On,
Drop Out,

All artwork from
"Psychedelic 60s Adult Coloring Book"




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All artwork and design copyright 2016 Richard D. Reece
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