When I was 3 (yes, three years old) my parents took me to see "Easy Rider", my very FIRST movie experience in a theater. Well, for better or worse, I witnessed Captain America (Wyatt) , Billy, and George pick up brooding hitch-hikers and hookers, contend with hippy-haters, trip on acid, and find the American Dream. Was I messed up for life? Maybe. But, I've always felt a strange fascination with that crazy time in the late 60s.

Since then, I have created the 8-time award-winning board game, "Castle Keep", and published the children's book, "The Moving Light". I've made also guitars, published poetry, earned a Religious Studies degree, painted murals, gotten diplomas in Interior Design, built furniture - had a life.

I'm currently a graphic artist who does a lot of those same things, and tries to get better at guitar. I live somewhere over the rainbow near The Emerald City, Seattle. I hope you enjoy my art and help to complete it with your own creativity.

Happy coloring!




Hey, groovy colorists!

I'm planning a second Psychedelic 60s coloring book right now, and I want you to tell me what YOU want in the next one. I need inspiration! Tell me:

  • What you liked best about "Psychedelic 60s" (the coloring book)
  • What sucked
  • What artwork YOU want to see in the NEXT psyche coloring book (ricbook #2)
  • Or what theme you would like me to illustrate instead of psychedelic stuff

I'm here for you, man! Your coloring book artist, on-call. Talk to me. I'll try to answer all e-mail. Also, e-mail me pages from "Psychdelic 60s" that you have colored and tell me what medium you used. You might see your art posted right here!


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